Montello Theater

Montello Theater

Kerry Mann Jr

30 E Montello St

Montello, WI 53949


[email protected]


All Movie Tickets Are Always Just $5 Dollars Each!

Experience the iconic Montello Theater, known worldwide for its rich history and charm. Take a stroll through time on our Historic 1859 Movie Theater Tour, which includes a 35-minute guided tour featuring a silent film that was once screened over a century ago. As you relive the past, savor the delicious aroma of our small bag of hot, freshly popped popcorn included with every ticket. Best of all, every $10 ticket purchased supports the preservation and maintenance of this remarkable venue, ensuring that ticket prices remain affordable.
To reserve your spot on the tour, call us at 608-322-2329 today!
In addition to our tours, we offer movie tickets at the unbeatable price of just $5, available for purchase at our walk-up window during showtimes. And of course, what’s a movie without popcorn? Our popcorn starts at just $2.00, making it the perfect addition to your cinematic experience.
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